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Spaceship Earth

The challenges of low-budget production are mere hurdles in the creative process. Limited resources call for an abundance of ideas.

With my small team of four people we shot this in half a day and edited in a day. I pre-produced the project alone. I knew the actors through a good friend and it was convienient because they are engaged.

It was a simple idea and a compelling one dealing with the idea of "sharing a moment" in a format and boundary of 15 seconds or 450 frames(less if you are shooting PAL).

Editing down to the bare essentials of a story is a good challenge for a filmmaker. You become more direct and honest with your self, no room for excess baggage.

Striking imagery can be seen in few frames, the information gathered sends the mind elsewhere, associative processes are triggered and a new phenomena occurs on a device where you can play it back, scan through frame by frame, even run it backwards. The idea, imagery, and sound inn15 second begins to take on a brief but repetitive life of it's own.